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When it comes to starting, scaling, and supporting a business look no further than the tools, training, and technology of TW3. No matter the size, industry, or market we have the solutions and support that every business needs. Our solutions hinge on the 3 essentials of every business; People, Product, and Process. We give all of our clients one to all of those essential elements to help their business.

Founded in 2008 by Terry Wilson, III we have grown to be an international business that has a who's who list of household names of clients and colleagues we work with. With over 5000 members TW3 continues to grow year after year with the latest in technology, technique, and training.

What's the difference between SRT and ELT Certification?

The SRT certification is where our certified trainer position credentialing begins. This level gives you all of the TW3 software tools but the Membership software. The membership software allows you to create your own membership products. SRT also does not come with any RMP access which means the monetization model in this package is to re-sell the 3 levels of membership and train those you re-sell to all the technical aspects of the software. SRT also doesn't have the residual income from the monthly admin fees of clients you bring on. This commission schedule along with RMP access is for Elite Trainers only.

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What is RMP

RMP stands for Referral Marketing Partners & Referral Marketing Products. These are products, goods, and services by 3rd parties that our ELT members are paid directly for generating leads for. This is a very powerful tool in generating leads because we can use these various products and services to monetize our engagement with clients even when we don't make a sell. We can simply offer our product then refer them to another party if we can't help. The clients conversion to a sale with the RMP is not required for you to be paid. You are paid for the referral regardless of conversion.

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My credit is awful, can I still get financed to start?

Yes we guarantee your approval for financing through our TW3 ezPay program. Based on your credit you will pay $0 - $297 down to start and then only the admin fee from then on.

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I would like to buy from Terry directly

Terry does not sell directly. All new business must be written through an authorized trainer of TW3. You can receive coaching from Terry once you are an Elite Member on our mastermind calls we have.

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Can I get a refund if I don't like it or change my mind?

Because the licensing, hosting, and support cost of our products we unfortunately can not offer a refund under any circumstances. We do offer a free affiliate program and encourage you to try that first if you are not fully decided and committed to becoming a trainer. Once an enrollment is made all software, systems, hosting, and support is procured and conveyed and we can not reverse these costs afterwards.

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How do I know this will work and is legit?

We have an A+ rating with the BBB. We are ranked among the top of online marketing companies, agencies, and business opportunties. We do business under the founders name to show we're not hiding behind an obscure name or brand. We've been online since 2008 and can be verified by 3rd parties. EVERYTHING WE DO is in writing. See our terms and

We also offer a 90 day money made guarantee where we guarantee anyone who joins as an Elite Trainer a minimum of results provided they verifiably take and execute on our training. See details at

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